Lighthouse has co-commissioned a new interactive short film that submerges viewers in the world of a garish, underwater online gambling site called Pearls of Fortune.  

For one week only, from Wednesday 20 until Wednesday 27 July, Odds On will be available to watch for free online using a link available at 

Produced by Dante or Die and co-commissioned by Lighthouse and The Lowry, Odds On is a 30-minute interactive film about one person’s experience of online gambling.  

Felicity is a recently retired doctor, who, in between looking after her grandchild, has a lot of time on her hands. She begins playing Pearls of Fortune, an online gambling app, and is quickly drawn into the underwater world the game is set in. Before long she’s spending lots of money and becoming a ‘valued customer’, whilst family life is passing her by. 

Audiences follow her experience through the gambling site's lens; peering through her screen as she spends more and more time consumed by the ‘game’. 

Odds On deftly explores the recent rise in online gambling especially amongst older women and takes the viewer inside the protagonist’s perspective, into this increasingly popular and absorbing form of play, where lines can become blurred between player and game, risk and reward and ultimately, compulsion and control. 

The film features a cast of actors shot on various locations, using an iPhone13 Pro, alongside thrillingly imaginative animation.  

Dante or Die have worked with a group of people with lived experience of gambling harm for almost a year as creative advisors on the project. 

Age guidance: 14+ (contains gambling (live play, images, sounds and slot simulation) which may be very triggering to people with a gambling addiction or who are in recovery.) 

Published 14 July 2022