Recently, we had two students from Poole High School join us for a week of work experience to learn all about what goes on behind the scenes at Lighthouse. We asked them to tell us how they got on...

My name is Alicia, I’m 16 years old and I go to Poole Highschool. I decided to do my work experience at Lighthouse because I heard of it as the centre of art in Dorset and because I love all kinds of art (music, theatre, paintings, film, literature etc.) I thought that would be a great opportunity to get a look behind the scenes of all kinds of art.  

I have done a lot in the last few days. I worked at stage door, where I did my card which I can use to open every door in the building (except the ice cream room). I learned about fundraising and that Lighthouse is a charity. Also, what things are relevant in an application to get invited for a job interview at Lighthouse. I also worked as a steward at a movie and – my highlight – a film festival that was in the evening. It was busy, but it was exactly what I want I wanted to see behind the scenes, and I would do it again. What surprised me though, was that people bought more ice cream in the break than before the event started.  

I don’t know what I want to do later, but I want to help people and I saw that at Lighthouse, it was possible because Lighthouse helps a lot of undiscovered artists.  


My name is Steph and I go to Poole High School. I decided to do my work experience at Lighthouse because I wanted to understand what goes on behind the scenes at this centre for the arts. Having visited Lighthouse many times before, I knew that there was a lot that goes on behind the scenes that as a customer, you wouldn’t see. In addition, the main reason I chose to do work experience here was because of my interest in music. I play the saxophone and I have recently started to learn the piano.  

One of the big parts of Lighthouse is music, so I thought it would give me an insight to the world of music as well as possibly identifying any ideas for future career choices. So far, I have worked with people in many different departments such as fundraising, stage door, HR, marketing, stewarding and artistic programming. I found each session very interesting as it helped me to understand all the different tasks that are carried out behind the scenes. It surprised me how many different varying roles there are – this highlighted the amount of time and effort it takes to run a centre for the arts. I would say that I found stewarding to be my favourite part as it allowed me to feel involved in the performances that are put on at Lighthouse. I think that doing my work experience at Lighthouse has been very beneficial to me. It has helped me develop skills to understand what the working environment is like and it identified what future career choices I could make. Overall, I have very much enjoyed my time at Lighthouse.  

Published 26 February 2019