Catch it! Archive it! Catalogue it! Help Dorset History Centre to create an archive telling the story of the coronavirus and its impact on the people of Dorset. 

Dorset History Centre, in partnership with Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts, is looking for local people to help make history. 

A county-wide diary project is being launched to make sure that our experiences are captured for posterity. 

As we live through this unprecedented time a number of Dorset diarists from different ages and backgrounds are being sought to contribute a ‘Corona Diary’ to the county’s archive collections. 

The diaries can be in any format – handwritten, typed, audio-visual recordings, art works, photographs – but contributors would ideally be able to commit to making an entry every at least couple of days and usually every day. 

As the situation is evolving so rapidly there is a real sense of urgency about this. 

Anyone who would like to become one of Dorset’s Corona Diarists is invited to email to register their interest. 

Published 31 March 2020