Dante or Die is a theatre company that makes shows in buildings that aren’t theatres, all around the UK. They create unexpected, funny shows in places like hotel rooms, self-storage buildings and cafés. Audience members are up close and personal to the actors so that the shows have an intimacy to them, and are different every time.

Their latest project, supported by Lighthouse is Take On Me, a show that is taking place after hours in Rossmore leisure centre. It’s set in the 1980s world of headbands and legwarmers and follows a lonely woman coming to the gym for the first time and a lifeguard who has never saved anyone.

Live musicians belt out new versions of classic 80’s hits such as I Wanna Dance with Somebody and Flashdance, and lead you through the changing rooms, the gym, an aerobics class and finally the pool. You are a fly on the wall for one extraordinary day in these people’s lives, as characters from 80’s films appear out of nowhere to change the course of fate.

Here’s a trailer they put together from the first time they performed the show in Surrey.

Opportunities to take part: 

Within the show, a guest cast of local people play a variety of different parts including the Karate Kid, the leisure centre receptionist and pool spectators who suddenly break out into a rendition of Holding Out for a Hero.

Click here for a breakdown of the roles avaliable and more information about what they will entail.... 

Remember to check back here regularly for updates on dates and times of the residencies and workshops or to find out more about taking part email gemma@danteordie.com