Lighthouse was conceived to be a creative heart to our community and it is important to us that we reach and engage with schools and young people

Lighthouse has a wide range of learning opportunities available for young people and schools, most connected to the shows, concerts and cinema screenings we put on. Shakespeare, art exhibitions, concerts, drama – all feature in the Lighthouse programme and many of these link directly with the National Curriculum and GCSEs / A Levels.

Because we have such a wide diversity of work available across the year we arrange bespoke workshops in connection with performances on our stages and in our galleries and we can create and arrange training opportunities for schools, teachers and others seeking to connect to their creativity. If you think we can help then contact us 

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The best place to see curriculum-relevant information collated together is in the most up-to-date Big Bang, Lighthouse’s learning and participation newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to receive new editions of Big Bang direct to your email inbox, and other learning offers from Lighthouse, email us

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophies.

Hamlet, William Shakespeare