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Last year was the first step in a new initiative that saw Lighthouse partner with seven schools from the local area; marking the realisation of a long-held ambition for us to reach out meaningfully to our community.  

This partnership scheme proved successful and provided opportunities for young people, their teachers and their parents to engage more fully with Lighthouse. It also helped Lighthouse to learn and understand schools’ needs more fully. Conceived with an understanding of the difficulties teachers face in finding and responding to offers we make, including attending performances and workshops, this approach simplified that process, by creating personal relationships and mutual commitments. 

As part of the programme, schools have been offered:

  • Backstage tours – the chance to learn about the innermost workings of a professional arts venue
  • Special Screenings – curriculum focused films for free at Lighthouse
  • Complimentary tickets to ground breaking drama, dance, contemporary circus and physical theatre
  • Priority access to workshops, events and projects
  • Work experience – the opportunity for students to gain paid experience in a cultural venue
  • The opportunity to host events at Lighthouse; including private film festivals, art exhibitions and performances

We are pleased to announce that three new schools have joined the partnership scheme for 2018/19, joining the exisiting seven schools from the previous academic year. 

The partner schools for 2018/19 are:


This will open doors for our school community which may otherwise have remained closed. We are certain it will leave a lasting and powerful legacy on both the children and their families, whilst challenging the often misjudged perception of accessibility and inclusion for all within the Arts world. We can't wait to get started.

Geoff Cherrill, Headteacher at Winchelsea School