In partnership with SoundStorm Music Education Agency, Yr.9 & 10 students from Carter Community School will sculpt a digital auditory ‘breadcrumb’ trail.  Working with Andy McKewan, a new media, light and sound artist (Wild Strawberry) and responding to the theme ‘Tides’, students will record and sample the sounds of Poole. These will form an interconnected ripple of soundscape installations across a line of quayside lamp posts. Sampling the familiar to make the unfamiliar, the trail will culminate in an evocative digital sound and participatory installation ‘The Weather Machine’ inviting the audience to interact within a live and ever-changing mix of sound, light projections and auditory immersion. 

Local musician, composer and lead of Dorset’s ‘Funky Little Choir’ Sandie Elkins will work collaboratively with Andy and the students to collect the sounds and expand their work into a new brand new electronic commission for the festival.

Top Image credit: The Weather Machine by Andy Muckeown Conway Feast