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Young Drummer of the Year

Sun 11 Feb 2024

The inaugural competition kicked off in October 2002 when a story was posted on the international drummers website mikedolbear.com, inviting young drummers 16 and under from around the UK to enter the first annual Young Drummer of the Year competition.

The competition was put together to give the country’s young drumming talent a national and indeed international platform, which will be the first steps in their musical career.

Since then, the  event has seen tremendous growth. It has established itself as an internationally recognised event, attracting an ever-increasing number of entries and seeing the very best in terms of drumming talent.  Sponsorship from various high profile companies has meant that the competition has continued to improve, both in terms of popularity and scale of production with many finalists have gone on to be the busiest drummers in the uk.

This is our second year at the Poole Lighthouse Theatre and Mike said “ its an honour to be involved in such a professional theatre and great team and bring this international recognised event to the south coast”