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Lighthouse Queer Film Festival


Fri 7 Jun 2024

Directors: Jos Bitelli, Amy Pennington

Fun, satirical and a pastiche of the chaotic, brash, self-deprecating and clueless 1990s/2000s British reality TV, TOPS sees TV’s Amy Pennington delve into the lives of four individuals who’ve had TOP surgery in a desperate attempt for the presenter to make their first-ever trans friend.

These four interviewees include a power-lifter and gay-games Olympian hopeful, a housing-officer-come-actor, an Essex filmmaker, and an equality diversity and inclusion specialist-slash-occasional model.

They open up their lives and homes to the invasive, neurotic and yet lovable Amy Pennington. A genre-busting documentary which blends the real and the fiction, we’re drawn in by the question that defines trans masc experience, “What TOP did you wanna to wear after TOP surgery?”

Lighthouse Queer Film Festival is proudly in partnership with Arts University Bournemouth.