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Hangover Hill and Lighthouse presents

Live and Unheard -January

Thu 25 Jan 2024

Hangover Hill and Lighthouse present three more highly rated acts as they have a rare opportunity to experience a larger stage in our monthly unsigned music night.

Lady Winwoods Maggot
Impossible to pigeon-hole, Lady Winwoods Maggot have been honing their unique brand of Death-Western and Hellbilly since 1993. Fusing banjo and mandolin with electric guitars and thunderous drums, expect anything from haunting dark ballads, to satirical protest songs, as well as upbeat traditional instrumentals. Whatever they choose to throw your way you are guaranteed to have the best time.


Coosticks are a five piece band from the south of England who take inspiration from classic songwriters and various musical genres to create melodic and ‘warm-hearted’ original songs with heartfelt and quirky lyrics that stay with you from the first listen. They have been described as ‘purveyors of melodic, catchy pop, rock and folk’ and ‘naturally gifted makers of songs.’


Caliman is a singer songwriter, originally from california who now resides in the UK. He’s played accoustic guitar with many different artists but has spent the last 5 years concentrating on his solo original material. He takes solace in his music using it as a form of self therapy. His musical influences are varied and many which shows through in his songwriting, this guy very definately wears his heart on his sleeve.