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Live and Unheard December 2023

Thu 14 Dec 2023

Enjoy three more highly rated acts as they have a rare opportunity to experience a larger stage, as our monthly unsigned music night returns.


Two Man Travelling Medicine Show
The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show is a perfect storm of roots music, bluegrass stomps played with a punk swagger, pastoral folk taken on a white-knuckle ride on an out of control cider cart.
Twisted lyrics and fairground sounds are the order of the day with this acclaimed 8 piece band and now with an added drummer, expect even more mayhem at the live shows. We have been privileged to work with the band on numerous occasions and they never fail to give the audience a great night out.


Roxanne Phillips
Roxanne is a lively and engaging Devonshire folk and sea shanty musician whose melodies transport listeners to the rugged shores of the English coastline.
In an era where the modern world often drowns out the echoes of the past, Roxanne’s music serves as a beacon, guiding us back to a time when the sea was a source of both livelihood and inspiration.
She is currently working on her debut album and has just released her first single, ‘Gods of the Sun,’ is about a grandmother spider giving creatures their souls.


Nick Capaldi
Nick is a Dorset singer/songwriter who writes pop/rock songs with an edge of quirkiness and something different. He has worked with Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones/Peter Frampton), Brad Pemberton (Ryan Adams) and Brendon Benson.
He’s recorded with Albert Lee, Robbie MacIntosh (Paul McCartney/The Pretenders), London Community Gospel Choir, Jody Linscott (The Who/Dido/Mike Oldfield). He has headlined local festivals and theatres and is currently planning a record store tour in the UK and tours in Nashville and Germany leading into 2024.