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Lighthouse Queer Film Festival

Legendary Children (All of Them Queer) – Cert 15

With post show Q&A

Fri 7 Jun 2024

A double-bill from local Queer film-maker Rob Falconer, supported by entries to the Lighthouse Short Film Open Call.

Please join us for a Q&A with director Rob Falconer after the screening.


Director: Rob Falconer

Starring: From the writing of George Hodson (with Adam Zmith)

Direct from a smash-hit debut at Barbican Cinema, this surreal HIV/AIDS film is written by the late George Hodson. Not a documentary, Sleeping Dragon brings to screen life George’s unique gifts as a storyteller and visual artist with an unforgettable, emotional perspective of surviving with HIV and through the AIDS pandemic for some 45 years until his death in 2023. He was one of the longest survivors living with HIV in UK history.

“So beautiful, so moving, so tender: so George”, says the HIV rights activist Jonathan Blake.



Director: Rob Falconer

Starring: Peter Tatchell, Angela Mason, Tom Robinson, Ted Brown, Roz Kaveney, Stuart Feather, Neil Bartlett, Stuart Milk, Nathaniel J Hall and the late Andrew Lumsden

From rebel Can-Can drag nuns making Mary Whitehouse fume to literally changing the course of history with the UK’s first Pride in 1972, the Gay Liberation Front can still cause major commotion defending LGBT+ and Human Rights wherever they go. Legendary Children follows many of the GLF through one Great Big Summer of Pride 50 in 2022.

The headline cast encompasses legendarily influential figures in LGBTQIA+ rights history, there when Pride took its first real steps in Europe and the Next Gen activists picking up the torch today. Titled after Holly Johnson’s iconic song (very much with his support) this is no history lesson, but a riotous recollection of many steps through 50 years of stunningly effective activism. Rock legend Tom Robinson and dancefloor Diva Lanah Pillay bring the belting tunes to the party.

Audience Award winner Palm Springs LGBT+ Film Festival California.

Don’t ever go telling the Legendary Children they’re ‘Not Allowed to…’


Lighthouse Queer Film Festival is proudly in partnership with Arts University Bournemouth.