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Little Bulb Presents

Four Seasons

Tue 13 Feb 2024

Four Seasons is a theatrical love letter to nature for children and their families. Join our intrepid team of magical gardeners as they tend to the marvellous menagerie of flora and fauna at every stage of nature’s miraculous journey

Four Seasons is a celebration of the wonder and weirdness of nature and our place within it, all set to an exciting score of seasonally inspired tracks including, of course, Vivaldi’s iconic piece.


Expect enchanting and innovative theatre featuring puppetry, physical theatre and clowning fun – everything we’ve come to expect from Olivier Award-winning Little Bulb (Hibernation, CBEEBIES’ The Nutcracker).


Little Bulb is an award-winning national touring company based in the South West.  We are committed to developing devised and physical theatre performances which explore and illuminate minute human details that, in a world so big, are easily swallowed up.  Combining innovative character work, beautiful imagery and exciting homemade music, we aspire to create performances that with humour and sadness will touch, startle and entertain.

Little Bulb have been creating innovative family theatre for over a decade including Antarctica and The Night that Autumn Turned to Winter at Bristol Old Vic and Battersea Arts Centre, as well as guest appearances as CBEEBIES house band for A Christmas Carol and The Nutcracker televised stage shows.  Most recently they collaborated with the Royal Opera House to make the Olivier award-winning Wolf Witch Giant Fairy, a new folk opera for family audiences.


'We absolutely loved it and my daughter has hardly stopped singing 'I love hazelnuts' -she thinks it's the funniest song in the world'

Audience member, Gulbenkian

'With the kind of fruit loopy performances you’d expect from Little Bulb backed by hauntingly catchy and beautiful tunes and a magical design, Hibernation was just the bed of leaves our audience needed after lockdowns and digital overload.'

Kate Cross, Director, The Egg

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