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Drodge presents

Drag ‘n’ Drop!

Fri 2 Feb 2024

In a world where gender has been outlawed, only drag can save us...

Dragona Budjet (it’s pronounced bou-jzay, m’kay?!) is one half of high energy drag removals company Drag ‘n’ Drop! She really puts the all in removals, bringing entertainment and education in unequal measure.
Rifling through the universe’s rhinestoned curtains, join her on a journey through music, comedy, and spoken word, deep into the near dystopian future of gender neutrality and across the nebulous territories of queerness,
identity, mental health, climate change, and quantum physics.

In a show that puts the feathered eyebrow in high-brow and the dick joke in Phillip K. Dick, Dragona gets to the top and bottom of the biggest questions: if a drag queen falls in a forest, will her makeup survive? Where does self-worth come from? What’s a lesbian doing on the island of Lesbos? And where the hell is Drop?

The show was sparked by a mutual fascination with quantum physics and frustration at the lack of enshrined support and representation of trans and non-binary folx in law in the UK in 2023. Written and performed by non binary/trans writer, performer and musician Ri Baroche, Drag ’n’ Drop! has been developed through workshops and exploratory sessions with
LGBTQIA+ youth projects Breakout Youth and Freedom, to positively express and celebrate representations of LGBTQIA+ people and their stories.

Themes of quantum physics and LGBTQIA+ representation in STEM subjects have been developed with support from charity Pride In Stem. Special thanks go to writing development agency ArtfulScribe, writer/performer/director CJ Turner-McMullan and Apricity theatre company, G(end)er Swap, makeup artist Vince Ugly, the Exeter Phoenix,
The Alma Tavern & Theatre, Bristol and Lighthouse, Poole for their support throughout the development process.

Drodge is an emergent arts company, initiated in 2022 by Ri Baroche, seeking to bring together, empower and better represent trans, non-binary and genderqueer performers and practitioners across the arts, providing
opportunities and positive stories for LGBTQIA+-identifying folx.

Developed with support from Arts Council England.