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Carrie Martin

Sat 31 Aug 2024

Born in Hull, Carrie is an acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter from East Yorkshire UK.

Mentored by instrumental guitarist Gordon Giltrap MBE, she has attracted endorsements from Vintage Guitars, G7th Capos, Martin Strings and most recently she has become an artist for Faith Guitars.

Her last three albums Seductive Sky, Entity and Evergreen have included guests Elliott Randall, Gordon Giltrap, Oliver Wakeman, Daniel Cassidy (brother of late Eva Cassidy) ex-Bad Company guitarist Dave Colwell, John Verity (Argent) and Roger Fisher (ex-Heart guitarist)

Carrie has performed in Canada on tour and has represented Vintage Guitars three times at the Namm Show In California. She also guests at various guitar shows around the UK to demo her use of open tunings.

May 2023 saw her take to the stage at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, alongside Gordon Giltrap MBE , Oliver Wakeman and the mighty Rick Wakeman CBE… which led to Rick quoting Carrie as ‘Phenomenal’.

Find out more about Carrie here: Home – Carrie Martin


Rick Wakeman CBE

Martin is equally skilled on guitar, on vocals and as a writer. The voice is distinctive - the crystalline purity and range of a Kate Bush, the depth and delicacy of a Sandy Denny. And the songs to which she applies them stand up with any of her peers. The chord sequence of the title track evokes Joni Mitchell's Hejira album

Trevor Raggatt, RnR Magazine

It's pretty obvious from the moment you hear Carrie Martin sing that she is an outstanding vocalist with passion in each breath. Don't be too sidetracked by that voice and stage persona and well-crafted songs, because you might just miss the fact that she is a fine guitar player as well

Gordon Giltrap