Introducing Our Writer in Residence

Joining forces with ArtfulScribe, Lighthouse are currently hosting an exciting Writer in Residence, Jack Thacker. 

Jack is with us for a yearlong residency, that began in September 2019 and is working with our staff, volunteers, artists and audience members to create new work and encourage others to engage in creative writing.

You can find out all about Jack's residency in his blog

Jack Thacker, Writer in Residence

Jack Thacker, Writer in Residence

Over the course of the next year Jack, who teaches English at Bristol University, will absorb all aspects of life at Lighthouse and respond to what he hears and sees before publishing his work through the writer development agency, Artfulscribe as part of the DO: Write literature development project in Dorset. “I’m delighted to be awarded this residency at Lighthouse,” he says. “It presents a unique opportunity to immerse myself in its rich programme of events, to establish lasting creative partnerships and to make the most of its cultural importance to the region.” Jack’s poems have appeared in numerous online and print magazines including PN Review, Stand and The Clearing, as well as on BBC Radio 4. He recently completed a PhD on contemporary poetry at the Universities of Bristol and Exeter and now teaches English at Bristol.

Good writing excites me and makes life worth living.

Harold Pinter