Your Toys – a show which sends the audience’s beloved toys on a very special adventure during the festive season at Lighthouse.  As the affordable alternative to our bigger Christmas show there is no limitation to whose toy can take part. Everyone is invited to hand in their toy at the beginning of the show to see them included in this magical journey. We caught up with one of the Artistic Directors at Slot Machine, Nicky Blackwell;  

Can you summarise Your Toys in a sentence?  

An adventure story, where every single character is played by the toys our audience lend us on that day.

How does Your Toys work exactly?

Members of the audience bring a toy to the theatre, and if they lend the toy to us, it will become a character in the show.

What is your favourite toy?

I've got two: A moth-eaten Teddy with one eye and a knitted octopus

Whats the most unusual toy you've had as part of the show?

Hard to choose - we've had some brilliantly crazy toys! Maybe the Plastic Chainsaw? Or the Sparkly Unicorn that was bigger than it's 10-year-old owner?

Do kids in the audience really hand over their toys?

Yes - they do. Some people can't wait to hand over their toys! But you can also keep your toy with you and watch the show with it if you prefer

What do you enjoy most about the show?

It's great to see how excited children get when they see their own toy come to life. And as performers, it's a fantastic challenge to puppeteer different toys every time - because we never know what we're going to get. That's why people often want to come and see it again - because they realize that every show is unique

What kind of toy should the audience bring?

Literally anything - and adults are welcome to bring a toy or an object to. We enjoy the challenge!

What do you hope that the audience will take away from Your Toys?

We hope you'll laugh, be excited, and enjoy seeing all your toys trying to outwit the massive scary monster

Why is Your Toys a Christmas show?

It's a great alternative to Panto - we love Panto, by the way - but if you have slightly younger children, kids with additional needs, or just fancy something a bit different then this is the show for you! It's got live music, incredible puppetry and a brand new cast of characters every single time

Your Toys is in our Sherling Studio from Wednesday 12 - Monday 24 December 

Published 27 November 2018