We've been finding out what it is that our staff love so much about working at Lighthouse. Today we meet Stage Door Receptionist Lucy Pearce, who explains a little more about what her job involves ...


I’ve been around Lighthouse for a while having not long completed a two year apprenticeship as a technician. I loved doing that and learned a lot being involved with the shows while they’re going on, but as a technician you don’t have much to do with the public and that’s the reason why, if anything, I like the stage door receptionist job even more.

I’m the first person people see when they arrive at Lighthouse, so it’s up to me to welcome them and be helpful. When artists arrive they need to know where things are so they can settle in and we get to see performers of all kinds – from musicians and actors to dancers and circus performers. It amazes me how nervous some of them get, even those that have been in the profession for years.

I was always involved in productions when I was at school and it’s really important that an arts centre as big as Lighthouse has opportunities to encourage young people – I was fortunate enough to do a bit of teaching on the Young Technicians course last year.

I have a real passion for the arts and I’ve got a little home studio set up so I write and record my own music, but I haven’t taken the big step into performing yet – it’ll come but just not yet!

Published 21 April 2017