Marketing Officer Kelly took a trip out to see Coastal Comedy in Bournemouth last week. This monthly stand up comedy show of live entertainment features some of the best comics on the circuit and comes to Lighthouse for the first time in April. To say we were keen to hear Kelly's verdict is an understatement ...

Friday – the end of a long, busy week. A lot of the time (as sad as it is for a 24-year-old woman to admit) I’d be looking forward to going home, making some dinner and relaxing in front of the tele before the weekend ahead. But not tonight. Tonight, I’m attending ‘Coastal Comedy.’ A monthly comedy night, bringing the very best stand-up comics on the circuit to Bournemouth… and soon to Lighthouse, Poole!

7.32pm. My phone vibrates. It’s my colleague Emma. I read she’s running late and will meet me at the venue at 8pm. I’m almost ready, so I grab my heels and head for the door, hoping the mustard coloured leather jacket I’ve chosen to wear won’t attract too much unwanted attention from the stage. I arrive at Hotel Celebrity, Bournemouth. I give my name to the lady at the counter and am pointed in the direction of the bar. (Must be a FAQ?!)

Emma and her friend Lucy arrive shortly after and we quickly find Adrienne who is hosting the show. After saying Hello, we grab a drink and find ourselves some seats. We spot 3 spaces in the second from back row, perfect - safe distance. As I look around I realise my initial perception about who the show would appeal to has already completely changed. Before arriving, I expected to walk into a room full of students, yet I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by an audience of all ages. Individuals, Friends, Couples, Families, Work colleagues… and Patrick and Mary sat in the front row who met on the dating site ‘Zoosk’ two years ago…

The intro music begins, and a deep voice plays through the speakers introducing Adrienne to the stage. Immediately the crowd are clapping and cheering, and it becomes apparent some of the audience are returning attenders – this is a good sign. Each comedy night has a line-up of 3 professional comedians including a TV Headliner. I wait patiently for the first Act to appear on stage, I’ve no idea what to expect and am filled with anticipation. Adrienne warms up the crowd and we’re off…

Act 1. George Rigden – The guy with the guitar. Entertaining with his songs, gags and purposely making the lady in the 3rd row feel awkward by singing at her with a fixed gaze.

*Interval – Bar*

Act 2. Konstantin Kisin – The Russian guy. Amusing the audience with his observations of British quirks and personal life experiences.

*Interval - Bar*

Act 3. Craig Murray – The guy off the TV Plus net adverts. Hilariously reenacting conversations with his kids and taking advantage of an unfortunate glass smash from the left side of the room.

Some few hours later as I put my mustard jacket back on (embarrassing heckling successfully avoided), Emma and I express how excited we are to be working on this project and are already sharing ideas for work on Monday (as well as planning our next trip)! Having witnessed first-hand this experience, it is evident why the show has been three times nominated for ‘Best Night Out’ as part of the prestigious Bournemouth Tourism Awards with the 2018 winners expected to be announced soon! In my opinion, the show is a perfect recipe for a night out. Good company, a chilled beverage and most of all, a great laugh.

Coastal Comedy comes to Lighthouse Poole Monthly from Saturday 21 April. We can’t wait!

By Kelly-Anne Coley Published 31 January 2018