Dorset's Angel Exit Theatre Company return to Poole this week with The Drive, a play commissioned by Lighthouse. The Drive debuted here in 2017 and went on to a preview tour of the South West and a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is now embarking on a spring and autumn tour for 2018. We're pleased to be bringing The Drive home to Lighthouse in this, our 40th birthday year.

A story about friendship, grief and coming of age in the 1990s, the play centres around two women, a fractured friendship, a car full of boxes and a message from a dead friend. An unexpected Nordic road trip sees these two estranged friends thrown together on a tense journey from London to Oslo, and the further Becky and Nat get from home, the closer they come to confronting the demons of their shared past. 

Tamsin Fessey, Co-Artistic Director of Angel Exit, has a strong connection to Lighthouse and shared some of her memories with us:

"I have also turned 40 this year so I’m the same age as Lighthouse and I feel like I’ve grown up with Lighthouse (or Poole Arts Centre as it was) always present. I grew up in Weymouth and Dorchester and I remember exciting school trips to the theatre. I think we came to see Peter and the Wolf being played in the concert hall and I remember coming to pantos and Christmas shows with my family. I think we saw one called Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates.

When I was 16 I came to do work experience at Poole Arts Centre. I spent most of the week working with the backstage crews and got to sit in the lighting box and help op a show of Up n’Under by John Godber. I remember accidentally pushing a button too early and plunging the stage into a blackout in the middle of a scene and it being written down in a show report. I also worked in the cinema learning how to load reels of film onto the projector. Now that makes me feel really old! An arty French film was playing and It really opened my eyes up to a whole new world of cinema I’d never experienced before.

As an adult I am proud to be an associate artist of the theatre with Angel Exit theatre and to have performed as Lady Macbeth on the main stage in Platform 4’s production of the Scottish play. I hope that I will continue to have a relationship with Lighthouse for many years to come."

It's great to see the impact that Lighthouse has made on the lives of local people - particularly those who, like Tamsin, have gone on to establish their own careers in the arts. We love hearing your stories and memories so if there's something you would like to share please get in touch with us at

Spliced through with humour, slick physicality, an original contemporary soundtrack and video projection, The Drive is produced in association with Lighthouse. We thoroughly recommend you catch it here this Saturday 7 April in the Sherling Studio.




Published 5 April 2018