This week Frantic Asembly, the company behind the incredible Things I Know To Be True have been hosting workshops at Lighthouse, introducing participants to their trademark physical approach to creating theatre. When she heard about them Cate Bargh jumped at the chance to find out more, and this is her feedback from a session spent with what is fast becoming one of our favourite theatre companies ...

Going into the workshop I was a little nervous and a lot clueless! All I knew was that the activities would link in some way to the work Frantic Assembly put on stage – so that seemed like reason enough to attend! Most of the other attendees did not have any idea what the workshop was about either, so I was in good company.

It turns out the workshop was about dynamic energy, thinking through movement, innovation, challenge and bringing you to an optimum performance level. Most importantly I really enjoyed it and it did make me think.

I enjoyed the warm up, and it was amazing to hear that the actors do this before every performance (but harder of course)! One particular exercise proved very difficult for me – something to do with (I think) weak short term visual memory. I was beginning to wish I had all day to practise it! However, what I learnt within the workshop was the importance of stretching yourself. There seemed to me to be no room for complacency, within the session and in the company as a whole. I was struck by this process and was amazed to think that the actors push themselves to these limits every day to produce work.

Despite this, I felt comfortable and very well supported throughout the entire process and – most of all – very excited to see a show with this much energy and thought weaved into it. I will definitely be back and can’t wait to see the play on Saturday!

Great stuff.  Thank you!


You can catch Things I Know To Be True at Lighthouse until Saturday evening. Call the ticket office on 01202 280000 or click to book online

Published 23 November 2017